Beat100 Ultimate Musician Award

4 Dec

Beat100 Ultimate Musician Award



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“Talented brothers Daniel and Ricardo Munoz have become the latest recipients of the coveted BEAT100Ultimate Musician Award! The duo from Germany have been capturing the imagination of the BEAT100community with their impressive covers of popular tracks. This time they are climbing the World Music Video Chart with their cover of ‘Am I Wrong’ originally by Envy. Their performance has already bagged them GoldFavourite and Performance awards as well as being awarded Video of the Day last week! The pair have recently started working together after having their own successful musical careers. Some may alreadyrecognise Daniel after he reached the final 7 of German Idol and also won first place on Latin Lives in Holland. Ricardo has done equally as well as his brother, being signed to Universal and releasing two singles in Holland before travelling to America to write songs with established writers and producers. 

The brothers have enjoyed playing music and performing together from a young age. As children Daniel and Ricardo received guitars and keyboards as presents and, following encouragement from their parents, began to play and sing together. With a range of different inspirations from Phil Collins to Mumford & Sons, the talented brothers draw on their musical influences and their own professional experiences when performing together as a duo. After leading their separate careers, Daniel and Ricardo are now working together once again after beginning a joint music project.

Currently the duo are recording their first joint album at the Boogiepark Studios in Hamburg, Germany. A mix of Pop and Folk, it is sure to highlight the strong vocal ability that each of the brothers brings. Until the album is ready we can look forward to more covers plus original songs from Daniel and Ricardo, that they will be releasing for their online followers to enjoy. We can see that the talented brothers will go far, onBEAT100 and beyond!”